Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Gabrielle's Full Costume Season 2" 

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Full Gabrielle Costume from Era entire Season 2.
I'm very proud to own this full costume. Very rare to have a full costume from the main Character.

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Dinars and Loot bag"

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These are Dinars used in the series as money. Some made of Foam and Resin

"Leather Amazon Scabbard"

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This scabbard was featured in the episode "Hooves and Harlots" while Gabrielle was searching for her new weapon you can see this one in one of that rack of Amazon weapons.

"Icon Xena's Chakram"


Icon Replicas

Limited Edition 511 of 5,000
Limited Edition was never met since Icon Replicas went bankrupt while in process of the Chakrams. This is the Highest I've seen  highly collectible!

"Behind the Scenes"

On The Set of 

Photos from the episode "Sacrifice Part 1"

Taken by a crew member from the show

"Behind The Scenes"

On The Set of

Photos from the episode "Motherhood" were taken on set by a crew member

"Gambling Cards"

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 from episode "King Con" 
These are extremely rare and they only made 1 deck for the episode and no back ups as they usually do, they call them "One off Prop"